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Dear Members and Friends,

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) will be holding their annual assembly in Nashville during the coming week.  This assembly will have to discern a course between independence of conscience and mission integrity for women religious and acceding to Vatican demands to have all their significant decisions approved by an archbishop appointed by the Vatican to oversee reform of LCWR.  (Details here.)  The assembly will conclude with presentation of LCWR's Outstanding Leadership Award to distinguished theologian Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, a selection sharply criticized by Cardinal Muller, Prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).
We can show our continued support for the Sisters at this critical juncture without even leaving our homes by taking some timely actions:
  • Read the column Cry out, sisters; cry out by Benedictine Sisters Joan Chittister and Mary Lou Kownacki posted yesterday in the National Catholic Reporter online, and join in their prayers to guide the LCWR assembly to speak truth to authority fearlessly.
  • Send an email to LCWR today, so the Sisters will know as they begin their assembly that we support them and they are speaking for us.
  • Wear your I Stand With The Sisters button to Mass on Sunday. Hopefully it may start conversations that result in further expressions of support for the Sisters.
  • Sign the Nun Justice Project letter to Pope Francis urging him to remove the unjust mandates CDF has imposed on LCWR.  
We have been giving public support to the Sisters in their struggle against authoritarian oppression for two years.  Let's help them see the job through to conclusion.

Michael Crowley
President, Call To Action - San Diego County

CTA Mission

Call to Action-San Diego County, Inc. (CTA-SDC), a Catholic Christian community, declares that our mission is to bring about on this earth the love of God through transformation of ourselves and others, and by obtaining a deeper understanding of Jesus' teachings.  We will do this by focusing on education; on reform and renewal of ourselves, the church and the liturgy; and by developing community and solidarity with those in need.

CTA Vision

Laypeople, religious and clergy working together responsibly to foster peace, justice and love among our diverse selves, in our church, and in our world, in the spirit of Vatican II and the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Call To Action.

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